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Only If I Love You

"If I Love You" ("Only If I Love") is part of Queen of SOP trilogy featuring Adam's story. Adam, his brother, Su Wei, and their mother help manage a winery with their friend in Italy. They attend a wine tasting conference sponsored by Shi Ying and through this, they meet Shi Ying's actress friend, An Ling. In order to fulfill An Ling's dream of being an actress, he produces a movie whichplaces An Ling as the female lead and the filming takes place at Adam's winery. However, as time progresses, Adam and An Ling become intimate which increases Shi Ying's jealousy. Time and time again, Shi Ying devises plans to ruin Adam, only to find Adam constantly back in his life and taking everything that he has. This drama revolves around love, secrets, and ultimately, family.

Genres: Drama



Country: South Korea

Movie: Only If I Love You

Production Co:


Release: 2014

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